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August 2011 revivalist

January 10, 2012

Instead of being a church goer, I think God wants me to simply GO.  Not necessarily to church, but to Go with fenetic and feverish pace.

To all the world, and on my journey of hope and purpose, to make men and women disciplined–disciplined to the greatest revivalist of all.  Mathew 28:19 is a command  by Jesus to the new revivalist.  His words were simple– to not be caught up in the activity of religion,  but to live a life about NOTHING BUT THE KINGDOM of GOD!  I recently heard the modern prayer patriarch Lou Engle of IHOP and THE CALL describe this end time generation….the NEW REVIVALISTS!  I love it.

If I would (or could) live my life as a Revivalist I would be on the GO.  I would travel the world that I could get to, I would put my life in clear perspective, ensuring men & women would make a decision to either follow Christ or not, to instruct them to live a lifestyle of discipline, i would baptize believers, and then repeat.

A world of Jesus, with the new Revivalist preparing the way,  would change everything.


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