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Hope Over Heroin

February 3, 2016

Blog Writer: Kiko Schulz

While winter is now in full force, Hope Over Heroin continues to make an impact here and around the globe. Read these recent stories of Hope:

A.N. from England wrote to HOH this week, “You are helping overseas in England!!!! Praise God! I’m a singer/songwriter who has suffered with drug addiction for 19 years. You helped me turn a corner in my life and I wanted to thank you… I slipped up after [my] album release and found the YouTube videos which are really helping me….I just wanted to let you know how much the sermons and testimonies are helping…”

S.H. from Seattle wrote after reading an article online about HOH, “My boyfriend and I are in recovery from our heroin addiction. It’ll be a year for me in December and he in January. I got back to God while a homeless junkie.  Sad that’s what it took, but we all know God has a plan for each of us! After saying all of that, how can I start a group like your Hope Over Heroin, in Seattle?”

Heroin is far reaching and has absolutely no boundaries—it ravages all
demographics and races, male, female, adolescent youth all the way to the elderly;  Heroin and its derivatives has become the prevalent opiate among those living as “Functional upper class” addicts to those who are homeless and in need of indigent care.  Not only does this drug have devastating consequences for the individual using, families and communities are also affected and often torn apart.  Hope Over Heroin exists to share the message of one who has the power to save individuals, families, and communities.  His name is Jesus.  Whatever the addiction, Jesus has the ability to free you.  To find out more about this freedom, help with addiction, how to bring HOH to your area, or to share your story of freedom from addiction feel free to contact us:




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