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“There is hope over heroin, and His name is Jesus!”

March 9, 2016

Written by: Kiko Schulz

This is 2 day old Nathaniel. As the feeding tube and wires around him suggest, he was born with some concerns–fluidIMG_1292 on his lungs and high temperature, among other things. However, he will pull through and live a long, healthy life because Mom made some good choices. 

His mother, R. S. from Kentucky, is familiar with Hope Over Heroin’s ministry, attended rallies, as well as follow up care in a local church and rehab. Mom has had a tough life. Some of these tough life events caused her to choose relapse, but when she discovered she was pregnant she knew not only would her baby die, but she would die also. She knew she had to make the tough decision to come off of heroin and seek help again. She was not happy with where her life choices took her, but she found her way to a program that walked her through the process of detox and healthy living. We are happy to announce that today R.S. is heroin free and has once again found her way back home. 

Heroin addiction is no joke, but R.S. will be among the first to tell you, “There is hope over heroin, and His name is Jesus!” Join with us as we pray for little Nathaniel and his mother to continue the path towards complete healing. 

If you have a story to share, need help, or
would like to support Hope Over Heroin’s mission contact


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