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“There is hope over heroin, and His name is Jesus!”

Written by: Kiko Schulz

This is 2 day old Nathaniel. As the feeding tube and wires around him suggest, he was born with some concerns–fluidIMG_1292 on his lungs and high temperature, among other things. However, he will pull through and live a long, healthy life because Mom made some good choices. 

His mother, R. S. from Kentucky, is familiar with Hope Over Heroin’s ministry, attended rallies, as well as follow up care in a local church and rehab. Mom has had a tough life. Some of these tough life events caused her to choose relapse, but when she discovered she was pregnant she knew not only would her baby die, but she would die also. She knew she had to make the tough decision to come off of heroin and seek help again. She was not happy with where her life choices took her, but she found her way to a program that walked her through the process of detox and healthy living. We are happy to announce that today R.S. is heroin free and has once again found her way back home. 

Heroin addiction is no joke, but R.S. will be among the first to tell you, “There is hope over heroin, and His name is Jesus!” Join with us as we pray for little Nathaniel and his mother to continue the path towards complete healing. 

If you have a story to share, need help, or
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Hope Over Heroin – Awareness

Written by Kiko Schulz

Many have seen Hope Over Heroin’s ministry on the stage and at the altars, however ministry continues year round and behind the scenes.  We are blessed to receive countless stories of lives changed and impacted by the power of our God who is able to set us free from any addiction or stronghold keeping us from living the life God designed us to live.  It is this Presence and Power that keeps HOH staff and associates pursuing cities and individuals struggling to be free from this horrific epidemic.  It is our heart and passion to find those that others have given up on and tell them, “God is real!  God cares!  He sees all.  He knows all. And, most of all, He desires and is willing to heal us and set us free!”

We at HOH realize the struggle is real.  As we continue to move from one city to another, we still recognize that people struggle everywhere, everyday.  We are grateful when people reach out for help.  This tells us there is still HOPE!  We believe that inside of every addict–no matter how far gone they seem–there is still a place longing for freedom.  That is why HOH’s ministry does not stop on the stage or at the altar.  We welcome stories of freedom, but also encourage people to reach out when they need help.  Listen to T.P.’s request below, the response from HOH’s staff, and how immediately God worked on T.P.’s behalf:

T.P. from AR writes, “Please pray for me.  I just moved down south from Chicago, IL area…I’ve been strung out on opiates for almost 10 years…I came into the Methadone clinic, but can’t come up with funds or get into a detox etc, and feel the ONLY way out is suicide!  I’ve NEVER felt this helpless & hopeless!

Our HOH staff replied,  “Don’t do anything [drastic].  I am praying for you now.  Father, I come to you right now in Jesus’ name, and I ask that you would protect T.P. and help him, Lord.  I ask that you would take away every withdrawal symptom from him right now in Jesus’ name. I also ask that you would help lead and guide him to the place where he can get the help that he needs.  In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!”

Within hours T.P. responded, “How GOD can make such a difference! AS I have been enduring this fiery, red-hot trial, I have been watching Christian…TV here in AR.  There came a time last night that the Spirit of God put faith and HOPE within my heart!!  His Presence filled the small bedroom I’m in!  And His LOVE has broken through my hardness of heart, anger, hatred, etc!  I THANK you so much for your intercession! And the fact that you simply care!  Please add me to as many prayer lists as you can!  I have a wife and 4 young children!  T.P.”

This is why HOH exists!  We have seen time and time again the Power and Presence of our God break through the fog of addiction and set people free!  It is stories and testimonies like this that fuel our passion to go into all the world and see all captives set free!  Join with us in praying for T.P and all the thousands upon thousands of people with stories like his!  Become a partner with HOH and help us spread the GOOD news that God is real, God is more powerful than any addiction, and God cares!

If you’d like to learn more about Hope Over Heroin’s ministry and how you can partner with us, contact us @  If you are struggling with addiction or have a story of freedom from addiction, contact us @

Hope Over Heroin

Blog Writer: Kiko Schulz

While winter is now in full force, Hope Over Heroin continues to make an impact here and around the globe. Read these recent stories of Hope:

A.N. from England wrote to HOH this week, “You are helping overseas in England!!!! Praise God! I’m a singer/songwriter who has suffered with drug addiction for 19 years. You helped me turn a corner in my life and I wanted to thank you… I slipped up after [my] album release and found the YouTube videos which are really helping me….I just wanted to let you know how much the sermons and testimonies are helping…”

S.H. from Seattle wrote after reading an article online about HOH, “My boyfriend and I are in recovery from our heroin addiction. It’ll be a year for me in December and he in January. I got back to God while a homeless junkie.  Sad that’s what it took, but we all know God has a plan for each of us! After saying all of that, how can I start a group like your Hope Over Heroin, in Seattle?”

Heroin is far reaching and has absolutely no boundaries—it ravages all
demographics and races, male, female, adolescent youth all the way to the elderly;  Heroin and its derivatives has become the prevalent opiate among those living as “Functional upper class” addicts to those who are homeless and in need of indigent care.  Not only does this drug have devastating consequences for the individual using, families and communities are also affected and often torn apart.  Hope Over Heroin exists to share the message of one who has the power to save individuals, families, and communities.  His name is Jesus.  Whatever the addiction, Jesus has the ability to free you.  To find out more about this freedom, help with addiction, how to bring HOH to your area, or to share your story of freedom from addiction feel free to contact us:



August 2011 revivalist

Instead of being a church goer, I think God wants me to simply GO.  Not necessarily to church, but to Go with fenetic and feverish pace.

To all the world, and on my journey of hope and purpose, to make men and women disciplined–disciplined to the greatest revivalist of all.  Mathew 28:19 is a command  by Jesus to the new revivalist.  His words were simple– to not be caught up in the activity of religion,  but to live a life about NOTHING BUT THE KINGDOM of GOD!  I recently heard the modern prayer patriarch Lou Engle of IHOP and THE CALL describe this end time generation….the NEW REVIVALISTS!  I love it.

If I would (or could) live my life as a Revivalist I would be on the GO.  I would travel the world that I could get to, I would put my life in clear perspective, ensuring men & women would make a decision to either follow Christ or not, to instruct them to live a lifestyle of discipline, i would baptize believers, and then repeat.

A world of Jesus, with the new Revivalist preparing the way,  would change everything.

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